Nursing Home Neglect

An estimated 40 percent of all adults will live in a nursing home or elder care facility. This number determined by will continue to climb here in Chicago and elsewhere as the U.S. population ages and the advances of medicine extend peoples' lives. Unfortunately, there is also a rise in the number of reported cases of nursing home neglect and abuse with one in three nursing home facilities as sites for these incidents.

At Martay Law Office, we are committed to working with the families of the elderly to stand up for the victims. Similar to our thorough approach for personal injury cases, our attorneys protect clients by fully investigating any issue brought to their attention and working to hold the guilty parties responsible.

What Is Neglect?

Due to age or illness, victims may not even be aware that they are mistreated. Common examples for family and friends to look for are:

  • Staff who actively or passively (due to lack of resources) withhold care
  • Failure of staff to provide food, medicine and other life necessities
  • Inattention by staff to victim's personal hygiene or the general cleanliness of their living space

Is Your Elderly Loved One Safe?

While neglect is the most common and easiest form of abuse to recognize, signs nursing home abuse may be more difficult to determine.

  • Physical abuse: Victims will often have visible injuries that are poorly explained.
  • Emotional abuse: There may be a shift in behavior with fits of yelling, profanity or threats.
  • Financial abuse: This includes unusual or unusually frequent purchases, or discussions of money with staff.
  • Sexual abuse: Watch for unusual bruising, change in behavior or agitated behavior.

Call 911 if you witness an elderly loved one being abused. If you suspect there is something wrong, contact the necessary authorities and then call the lawyers at Martay Law Office.

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