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Why Hire An Attorney For Your Workers’ Compensation Case

Why Hire An Attorney For Your Workers’ Compensation Case

Mechanics, plumbers, roofers and, yes, attorneys — these are experts, specialists whom consumers call upon for help when a serious problem arises.

According to this logic, employees who are seriously injured in on-the-job accidents should be able to place their trust in workers’ compensation lawyers with impressive track records, rather than attempt to represent themselves.

We attend personally to every detail of your case, so you don’t have to. We are Martay Law Office in Chicago.

In every workplace accident claim we handle, our goal is to obtain for you the wage, medical and disability benefits you are entitled to; restore your health, and your family’s faith in you; return you to your job, healthier and happier than ever before; and generally assist you with reclaiming your life.

Martay Law Office Attorneys Can Increase Your Chances Of Receiving The Benefits You Deserve

And here are the reasons why:

  • We know the insurers who represent the interests of employers who are uncooperative in workers’ comp cases.
  • We know how to investigate workplace accidents, the serious injuries they cause, and the tolls that those injuries can take on the human body and psyche.
  • We know how to thoroughly prepare job injury cases, to your benefit.
  • We know how to advocate for our clients at all stages of the legal process.
  • We know how to get results.
Chicago Workers' Compensation Lawyer David Martay

No amount of information you can find online will qualify you to represent yourself, in a legal setting, in a dispute with your employer’s insurance company. Representing hard-working people like you is what we do — and what we have done, successfully, for the more than seven decades of our lawyers’ combined experience.

Learn more about us, and the many ways we can help, by contacting us to secure a free initial consultation with Martay Law Office in Chicago. We look forward to receiving your call at 312-372-9022 or your email message sent from this website. You owe no legal fees unless we win your case.