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Typical Timeline of a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Typical Timeline of a Workers’ Compensation Claim

It must be noted that all claims are different and have their own twists and turns, but below you will find a typical workers’ compensation claim timeline.

First Interview: Conducted over the phone or in person, the prospective client describes the details surrounding his or her injuries, and we inform the client how a claim works and how we can best represent the client moving forward.

Send Client New Case Documents: We send the client our new case documents via mail, fax or e-mail to be filled out and returned.

Claim is Filed: We file an Application for Adjustment of Claim at the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission and the case is assigned a Workers’ Compensation case number as well as an Arbitrator.

Management of Claim: We make sure our clients are receiving the necessary medical care and being paid temporary total disability benefits if they are authorized off work by their treating doctor.

Medical Records: Once the client is finished with medical care or if there is a dispute as to ongoing medical care, we request the medical records and bills from all doctors and hospitals where the client has been treated for his or her work injuries.

Settlement Discussions: We discuss the details of the claim with the insurance adjuster or opposing counsel to see if the case can be settled without having to go to trial.

Trial: If it is determined a case cannot be settled, the case is prepared for trial before an Arbitrator at the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission.