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Construction Worker Injuries

Chicago Construction Accident Lawyers

Construction workers in greater Chicago, and throughout Illinois, face potentially fatal hazards and dangerous work conditions every day.

When the worst is known after a construction site accident — when severe injuries change and end lives, and your family faces devastating health, emotional and financial burdens — you deserve justice. And an exceptionally experienced workers’ compensation law firm can work hard to achieve it for you.

We want to be the attorneys who protect your rights and brighten your future. We are the Martay Law Office, dedicated to the success of injured and grieving people just like you for more than 70 years of practice.

Our respected lawyers listen carefully to your account of what happened in your work zone, that caused the accident that injured you. We research and investigate your claim, conduct persuasive negotiations with employers’ insurers and are always prepared to take cases to trial, if needed.

Dedicated, Compassionate Representation For Workers Injured On Construction Sites

At Martay Law Office, we extend every detail of our vast legal knowledge, and every physical resource, to Illinois workers injured in:

  • Falls from failing ladders and scaffolds
  • Accidents caused by falling objects
  • Slip-and-falls on unsafe terrain
  • Accidents caused by defective, malfunctioning heavy work machinery
  • Traffic accidents in company-owned vehicles such as trucking accidents
  • And many others

An important step toward the wage, medical and disability benefits you deserve is your free initial consultation with us. If your medical condition prevents you from traveling, we can conduct all of our business with you through electronic documents. This critical first conversation can be arranged right now — by phone at 312-372-9022 or by email from this website.

Are you concerned about the cost of our quality representation? Don’t be. Thanks to the contingency fee basis for our work, you owe no attorney fees unless we win your case.