Chicago Repetitive Stress Injury Lawyer

Workers who perform the same motion, over and over, day after day in the course of their duties — typing, sorting, collating, lifting, assembly line work, to name just a few — can find parts of their bodies deteriorating over a period of years.

When repetitive stress takes its toll, the employee’s receipt of workers’ compensation benefits should be a given. But many employers and their insurers resist doing what’s right. That’s where we come in.

We are the experienced workplace injury attorneys of Martay Law Office in Chicago. And by “experienced,” we mean more than seven decades of it, combined among our knowledgeable lawyers. That accumulation of legal knowledge, sympathy for your situation and tradition of personal service is the formula that can benefit any worker who suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome, back injuries, neck injuries, shoulder or hand injuries, and many more.

From the very start of our working relationship, our law firm supplies you with the facts you need about different kinds of benefits, and which ones you may be eligible for. We do the detailed work in the trenches, so you won’t have to — talking to your doctor if needed, preparing your case, negotiating with an insurance company and battling that insurer in court if needed to help you obtain your benefits.

Simply stated, we must be successful in these efforts if we’re to be paid. The contingency fee basis for our work means that you owe no legal fees unless you get the combination of wage, medical and/or disability support you are entitled to.

Are you struggling with the pain of repetitive stress at your job? Are you desperate for legal guidance that could lead to workers’ compensation benefits? Come to Martay Law Office.

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